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Music Time Kid

Inspiring parents to create joyful homes with music activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

Being a parent is tough work. And when you’re juggling the day-to-day with kids, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! Busy families don’t need more to do, but changing how you approach your day can make a difference between grumps and giggles. Get my free mini-music class and discover ways you can use music activities and your favorite playlist to have so much fun with your little ones!

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Music Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Music is an ideal way for parents to engage with their children. It has been said that music can help ignite all areas of child development: skills necessary for school readiness, long term memory, motor skills, self expression and language development. Music also ignites joy in the process as well! Music Time Kid provides resources: printables, song sheets, games, videos, coloring pages and more to help provide parents with the resources they need to be successful in teaching music to their children.

Music can do a lot more than you might think! It has the ability to change moods in just seconds. Sad faces turn happy, cranky children calm down and stubborn attitudes become cooperative.
Cherie Norquay
Early Childhood Music Teacher

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Both boys are enjoying music class! We have tried some other online classes but none hold their interest like this! We certainly miss in-person class but your online class is the next best thing!
My girls love learning music from Cherie! She has excellent teaching skills and makes learning music fun for her students!

Toddler Online Music Class

Check out this new online music class that your toddler will love! It includes singing, dancing and playing instruments. Join us as we meet our friend Beethoven the sheepdog who loves pancakes. Your little one can participate independently or with you while they enjoy this shortened mini-class where most toddlers play on their own because of how much fun it is! So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be engaged in your child’s musical education today! 

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