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15 Toddler Music and Movement Songs

toddler music movement songs

When I first began teaching early childhood music classes, I began the tedious task of searching for the best toddler music and movement songs. There is a sea of children’s music on Youtube, but I tend to call it the sea of mediocrity because, I am very picky about what I call good music. Good music can stand the test of time. Good music speaks to many generations just like good children’s literature. There are some amazing children’s music artists, and finding that music is important because parents need to enjoy listening to this music as well. Here are 15 movement songs I use often in my toddler music programs. Both toddlers and parents enjoy these songs!

I have other blog posts with more wonderful “get the wiggles out” songs and several blog posts about the kind of instruments many children really enjoy. The songs are even more fun when you get out a basket of instruments to play!

Toddler Movement Songs

Everybody Clap

Children love this song because they can do some many types of movement. Everybody can clap their hands, stomp their feet, play peek-a-boo, move side to side, and count to three. This song is in the TOP 5.

Bunny Hop

Hop, Hop, Hop! Children beg to hop and move to this song. They love to wiggle their ears, paws, nose, and shake their little cottontail. This is a TOP 5 song!

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Peekaboo is a fun toddler game and this movement song is a favorite. You can play peekaboo with your hands, but often I will use a scarf so that children can cover their head, face, and/or eyes.

Hop Old Squirrel

Every child loves to use their imagination. How does a squirrel move? He can hop, tip-toe, and so much more!

Baby Shark

Baby shark is a favorite TOP 5 song! Arm motions make this song more exciting as we move from tiny sharks to bigger sharks. Kids have fun swimming and swimming away from the sharks until they are safe at last!

We’re Walking to the Drum

Let’s walk, tip-toe, stomp, and run to the drum. Kids especially love the running! Loop this song so they can do it over and over!

Gray Squirrel

Gray Squirrel loves to shake his bushy tail. I love to shake a scarf and imagine that scarf is gray squirrel’s tail. He is eager to hold a nut and wiggle his nose! This song is a wonderful, imaginative toddler movement song.

Learning to listenMove to the Beat (The Sitting Movement Song!)

Learning to listen is an important skill. Not only will kids get to move and then stop! They also get to be silly!

Shake Your Maraca

Shake, Shake, Shake and Stop. Can you shake it up high? Shake it down low? It’s so fun to shake and move. If you don’t have a maraca, find a box of mac & cheese or something else that will give a nice sha-key sound!

Play Your Instruments

I am a huge Ella Jenkins fan! Ella is now 96 years old, and she began her musical career back in the 1950s. She always taught respect, kindness, empathy, and understood that children learned by moving to music and through the stories she told through music. A hallmark in children’s music, Ella Jenkins stands the test of time.

The Toe-Tappin’, Foot-Stompin’, Egg-Shakin’ Blues

Bluesy feelin’ shaking song. If your toddler can stand and move, they can move their toes or tip-toe, but if your child isn’t steady they can touch their toes with their hands. Toes tap! Feet stomp! Shake those shakers!

One Little Finger (Sing-Along)

Children love to identify and point to the parts of their body: head, nose, chin, arms, leg, feet. You can even get silly by tickling your chin.

Move It, Move It!

Let’s move it! Twist it! Stomp it! Tip-toe it! And then stop! It’s so much to dance to this groove. I love the guitar and drums! This is a TOP 5 song!

Clap Clap Clap Your Hands Together (2014 Version)

Toddlers love to clap their hands! It’s fun to pat your knees, stomp your feet, blink your eyes and more!

The Shaker Song

Bouncy and fun! Get some shakers and move!

Build Your Toddler Music Playlist

Below you will find convenient Amazon links to the toddler movement songs I have listed. I hope this will help save you time so you can add more toddler movement music to your play list. Your toddlers will love shaking, dancing and wiggling to these songs. Get more information about toddler online music classes here.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase any of these products.

These songs are perfect Toddler Music and Movement Songs for a Rainy Day!
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