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20 Musical Instruments for Preschoolers

As an early childhood music instructor I select and use many different musical instruments for preschoolers. I look for instruments I do not think my students will have at home because I look for real instruments and not just toys. These toys would be perfect for a music basket that comes out occasionally when you need to keep your busy preschooler occupied for a while. Perfect for work-at-home or homeschool parents with preschoolers.

This list of quality musical instruments are actual instruments I have actually purchased from Amazon. They have seen a years of heavy use by preschoolers and are still in amazing condition.

Musical Instruments that Preschoolers Love

Woven Double Jingle Caxixi Shaker – African Bottle Cap Rattle

This rattle is perfect for little hands., because the woven handle is easy to hold onto. Bottle caps inside this rattle have a happy jingle sound.

PlanToys Plan Preschool Clatter Music

This toy is such a quality piece. Preschoolers can hold the handles easily and move their hands up and down to make the clatter sound. Besides playing this instrument children love exploring the rainbow of colors.

Remo RH-2106-00 Rhythm Club Tambourine – Rhythm Kids, 6″

Remo sells quality instruments! I have had several other tambourines that have broken within minutes of play. This tambourine has lasted four years in my early childhood music classes and still looks

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

This set comes with a variety of colorful instruments that are perfect for young hands. Many of my toddlers loved marching with the drum as it has a strap which is removable (I’m not a fan of the strap for younger children). Great quality set.

Remo Percussion 6″ Lollipop Drum

I purchased THREE of these lollipop drums because I knew the children in my class would all want to play with it at the same time! Kids love marching around with this drum. The 6 inch size is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Imaginative and of course Remo quality can’t be beat! HIGH RECOMMEND!

Oball Rainstick Rattle

This shaky rainstick ball is easy for tiny fingers to hold. This style of toy is one of the first toys babies can really do something with. The colors are great, the soft rain beads inside have a shaker sound to them. This is a nice quality instrument for babies and toddlers.

Bright Starts Rattle and Roll Buggy

The sound on this little car is very very soft, but kids just LOVE this toy. It is easy to grasp, shake, push. I highly recommend this car more because children love love to play with this car than for the musical quality of the car.

Bells and Eggs value pack

This is one of those iffy purchases that totally delighted me. Some items on Amazon are poorly made, but this set has lasted so well that I have purchased additional sets when needed for a Preschool Christmas Program. As in anything that has smaller-ish parts, please use your judgement as to what age this set is suited for.

Battat Piccolo Carousel Bells

This bell set is amazing. Every child loves playing with it. I love that the mallet has two different heads. One is softer and gives a softer bell sound, the other side is harder and makes a louder ringing sound. At this moment Amazon doesn’t have this exact model available. I am always hesitant to recommend different products I have not tested, so I will not leave a different link here. But you may be able to find a different brand carousel bells.

24 inch Musical Scarf Set

I have been using these scarves every week for the past four years. I have washed and line dried them and the edges have stayed nice. I love that there are so many colors!

5 inch Small Natural Wood Nino Clave Pair

Wonderful size claves for small hands. I love the rounded ends and small size. Nino brand has a much nicer sound quality than other cheap brands. This is a wonderful musical instrument for preschoolers.

Little Wooden 4 inch Rasp Frog

This little frog is easy for little hands to hold. Sounds like a real frog sound.

Xylophone with great sound

This is my favorite xylophone because of the beautiful sound and it is in tune! Toddlers reach for this instrument over and over. I have had mine for 4 years and the paint colors still look fantastic with no chips.

HOHNER Kids Set of 4 Finger Cymbals Brass

Hohner Finger Cymbals have a much nicer and musical sound quality than other brands. I like these cymbals because they fit nicely on little fingers. Easy for preschoolers to hold and use.

Schylling Kids Accordion

This is probably one of the most played with musical instruments I own. I have had trouble keeping mine in perfect condition because I teach in a room with hard floors and I have had toddlers drop it. Currently there are two buttons that no longer work (after four years) but kids still love playing this instrument. I think it is facinating that you can get two different sounds from only one button (one pitch when you pull out and a different one when you push in). Bonus: A grandparent favorite!

Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Explore & More Accordion Hedgehog

This accordian gets a HIGH RECOMMEND not because of it’s amazing sound, but because every child absolutely adores this toy and looks to play with it week after week. The handles are easy to hold and this accordian is easy for even very little children to pull. The sound is very soft which I found a little disappointing, but for most parents, I think that might be a godsend.

Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Explore & More Accordion Hedgehog Shakers

Cute Fox, Owl, and Hedgehog Shaker Eggs have fun colors and different textures on the outside of each shaker. Each shaker sound is slightly different sounding from each other and quality of sound is soft for little ears. Perfect for babies.

Remo 5″ – 6″ Rhythm Club Bongo Drum

These bongos are great for small hands and kids love that there is more than one drum! Again Remo quality can’t be beat. These drums are still in perfect condition after years of play.

Wooden Cabasa Small Percussion Hand Shaker

Small size cabasa for small hands. Kids are intrigued by the beads and how they move on this instrument. I love real instruments and don’t think kids should be denied the opportunity to play real percussion instruments. Quality instrument!

disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on those links and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me continue to add helpful information to this blog.

It’s never too late to start your music basket! Not only are these musical instruments enjoyed by preschoolers, but even by Kindergarten-3rd grade students, parents, grandparents, and friends of the family love to play them. My grandkids beg to get out a basket of instruments each time they come over. My husband says it must be nice to be the coolest grandma on the planet. (Ha!)

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