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5 Things I Want Parents to Know about This Blog

My blog exists to help parents discover how music can increase a joyful atmosphere in the home, and through music parents will be equipping their children for academic success, as well as teaching and improving social behavior. Music can turn the grumps into giggles, tantrums into contentment, teach school readiness skills, and so much more.

And let’s just acknowledge the elephant in the room, Kids LOVE music! Parents underestimate the power music has to transform the cooperation of their child, the brain development early childhood music can ignite, or the educational skills that can be joyfully learned.

Please join me as I share ways you can increase the joy, cooperation, and brain development of your child by incorporating music into your everyday life.

1. Empower parents with confidence to use music in raising children.

Parenting is a journey, and when we begin this journey there is so much to know. It can be overwhelming to attempt to know everything and have the best parenting skills before we even begin this journey. Never fear… parenting is a long journey and we can acquire the skills we need as we need them: reading articles, going to classes or workshops, watching videos, and more will teach us as we parent. As a parent of five children ages 28 -15, and a grandma to three (soon to be 4) little grandchildren, I have grown over the years learning new skills for the circumstances I find myself facing each day. And there is one thing that I have discovered… music matters. It’s like the song “A Spoonful of Sugar” that says a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Well, a spoonful of music helps with just about everything!

2. Provide easy to follow songs and courses to teach age appropriate skills.

Learning little bits of parenting at a time makes parenting growth more manageable. I am building online content for families that will help parents in many situations. Are you teaching your child about colors? Are you teaching them to be kind? Are you teaching your child to jump? Through music parents will learn helpful tips to teach age appropriate skills with music that benefit all young children.

3. Recommend only the best music, videos, and music products

I am extremely picky when it comes to children’s instruments and toys. Many times I have made purchases that have been extremely disappointing because a toy breaks the same day is was received as a gift, or I discover that the item was defective and unsafe for children under age 3. Because I teach in-person music classes to young children I have discovered many wonderful musical instruments, books, and music that I highly recommend. These are items that I know all children and parents would benefit from having in their homes. It is a pleasure for me to share my experience with these quality items with you so you know each item I recommend will be a satisfying addition to your home.

4. Through music parents can instill confidence and joy in their children

Children become confident when they learn to do things well. Have you ever noticed that children love repetition? Repetition is part of the learning experience… allowing children the time they need to master something and then develop the confidence that they have learned something. Demonstrating what they have learned builds confidence. Joy and confidence are not synonymous, but confidence can bring joy to a child when he is happy with his accomplishments. Music also bringsjoy to any situation. When a parent can approach chores, morning routines, getting ready for bedtime, etc. with a joyful song, the activity is just more fun and delightful to complete. So you see… through music parents can make a big difference in their lives and bring more joy into their homes.

5. Write a Weekly Blog Post to Help Parents on Their Journey

There are so many way to apply music to everyday life. Do you have toddlers at home and you are trying to work from home? Are looking for ways to help your busy preschooler play independently while you homeschool an older child? Are you looking for an enrichment activity you can enjoy at home because face-to-face classes are cancelled? Do you want to learn a new lullaby song, or clean up song, or let’s work together song, or a rainy day “let’s get the wiggles out” playlist? Do you want to know how you can ignite your baby’s brain development? I could probably write a weekly blog post for the rest of my life and not cover everything, but my desire is to help you on your journey right now! So if you have a topic you want me to write about, please let a comment below.


Parenting is a journey of discovering… discovering how to teach our children… discovering how to nurture our children…and discovering how we can bring joy to our children. None of us is perfect, and children certainly have a personality and mind of their own. But let’s discover together! Through music parents can enrich and nurture their family’s relationships. Music can and certainly does bring more joy to our everydayl lives. Join me on this musical journey!

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