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Preschool Music

Cherie Norquay

Music has always been a part of my life. My mom used to strum the auto-harp and sing with me, my sister, and our friends from around the neighborhood while I was growing up. Her mom used to yodel on a regional radio station. It’s only natural that I carry on the musical legacy of my mother and grandmother by sharing music with all those who come into my life: children and adults alike!

The world can be so loud these days but we needn’t forget about what makes us human – spending time together, singing songs, or playing musical instruments. Music brings families closer than anything else could ever do. So I started this blog to help parents create a joyful atmosphere in their home.

I have taught piano since my college days and over the years I have created a lot of teaching resources. It was only recently that I began sharing those online. Check out my shop and see all the wonderful fun and colorful games and music activities I know you will love!

Join me on this life journey as you learn how music can create a joyful atmosphere in your house too! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be creating the beginning of an amazing musical legacy too!

10 Things You Should Know About Me

  • My favorite kind of vacation includes hiking, camping, or the beach.
  • I was born in Hawaii and yes! my favorite fruit is pineapple.
  • We have two amazing husky/shepherd puppies named Xander and Narvi.
  • I am addicted to heirloom gardening and saving seeds.
  • While I live in the city, I’m a country girl at heart.
  • I have homeschooled for over 20 years and am still alive to talk about it!
  • I love light bulb moments with kids.
  • If I could do it all over again you might find me living off-grid in Alaska.
  • Grandkids keep me young!
  • I love to hang with friends and family with plenty of good eats.

on the beach in Destin, FL
green bean tunnel in my garden
puppy training with my husky/shepherd, Xander
Big floor drum at Music Time Kid Early Childhood Music Class
preschool piano lessons with finger friends
Plaid flannel!

I have recorded two full length albums with Grammy Award WInning Producer, Phil Naish, directed various choirs and handbells ensembles and taught voice and Piano Lessons in Janesville Wisconsin. While I am no longer performing a live venues, you can listen to my original music here!

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