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10 Songs That Get My Kids Cleaning

Why Play Music While You are Cleaning?

songs that get my kids cleaning

Today I want to share 10 songs that get my kids cleaning with me! Why play music while you are cleaning? Kids love music! And who doesn’t love a little bit of peace and quiet? Using music to clean up is one of my favorite strategies for getting the house in order without fighting with the kids. I simply ask that they help me pick up as we go along, so by the end we’re all done!

These songs are available on Amazon, so I’ve included some links to them to make things easier for you. But I also included Youtube links so you can build a free playlist from Youtube.

10 songs that get my kids cleaning with me

Besides this list of songs that get my kids cleaning, I also have another blog post that encourage movement. And a blog post that has songs perfect for getting the wiggles out on a rainy day! These songs would also work as cleaning songs!

List of 10 Cleaning Songs That Energize Parents and Kids!

This isn’t just your normal songs featuring kids singing for kids. These are songs even parents can groove to – some oldies, bluegrass, caribbean, italian, and more! I love creating some diversity for parents and kids that allows them to explore songs from other cultures! I hope these songs energize you! They will definitely make time to clean more fun. Now let’s clean up everybody!

1)       “ABC” by Jackson 5 * (Amazon) (Youtube)

ABC as easy as 1-2-3! Michael Jackson is such an energizer and kids will love to repeat ABC and 1-2-3 with this song! I guess it is kind of an oldie these days but an iconic Michael Jackson song. This is a lively and fun clean up song!

2)            “The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens (Amazon) (YouTube)

How many remakes of this song have been recorded over the years? Kids today will recognize this song from The Lion King, but it is so fun to actually get to hear the original! Once I start listening to this song I’m humming it all day long. It’s definitely one of my favorite clean up songs.

3)            “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin (Amazon) (Youtube)

A song to whistle along to. Kind of like Snow White’s philosophy on cleaning… whistle while you work! The philosophy of don’t worry, be happy can be applied to so many of life’s situations. So lets just whistle a little tidy up song!

4)    “A Whistle in the Desert” by Raffi Wartanian (Amazon) (Youtube)

This is an upbeat guitar instrumental song with percussion. There is a dance-like quality to this song with a mixed meter feel. This is an interesting addition in this list of songs for kids and you can make a game of the different sections of this song!

5)   “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” (Amazon) (I really like this version on YouTube)

Bluegrass finger-picking banjo is fast, fast, fast! This will help get any clean up done with lightening speed! You can hear different instruments play besides the banjo so that is fun. Because it is a video song you can even see the instruments! Use the birds singing at the beginning as you “get ready” and then “GO!” when the music starts! Everyone will know it’s time to clean when this song plays.

6)            “Dueling Banjos” (Amazon) (I love this version on YouTube)

This is actually a duel between guitar and banjo. It of course speeds up and really takes off. Great for getting some serious cleaning done. If you listen to this cleaning song carefully you will hear the guitar lead the melody and the banjo echo! It’s lie they are having a conversation!

7)            “Coconut Shuffle” (Amazon) (Youtube)

Caribbean Steel Drum Band really lightens the mood! Caribbean music always makes me smile! Enjoy a little pineapple or orange juice when the job is done! Great “theme” song for kids!

8)            “Una Giraffa di Stoffa” (Amazon) (Youtube)

This Italian song is about a stuffed giraffe. Enjoy this dance-like song as you hear beautiful Italian lyrics. I love listening to the rolled r’s that English doesn’t have. Challenge each other to roll some r’s when the job is done! This challenge may end up with fits of laughter.

9)           “Celebration” (Kool and the Gang) (Amazon) (Kids version on Youtube)

This is a well-known song most adults know! But the YouTube video features kids from around the world. It’s fun to watch this video and see the kids play instruments and sing and then use it in your cleaning playlist! Fun song for kids and I especially love the video!

10)            “Best Day of My Life” by Kidz Bop Kids (Amazon) (Youtube)

What a great positive affirmation! I love positive energy when it comes to cleaning time. Your kids will be “ooh”-ing along with this one! What out. They may not want to stop cleaning.

BONUS: “Happy” Kidz Bop Kids version (Amazon) (Youtube)

This amazing and uplifting clapping song is sure to change the mood!

Which Cleaning Songs are Your Favorite?

You won’t find better music for cleaning up, and best of all you can create a playlist off YouTube for free! Or you can get some songs from Amazon and build out your playlist on your phone or device for a few bucks which has really helped me out!

I hope you enjoy my songs for picking up toys, and best of all I hope they help make your cleaning go a little more smoothly! Be sure to share this page with anyone else who has kids and may need a few ideas for super fun music. Let me know which of these songs is your kids’ favorite.

Leave me a comment below!

*Affiliate links may be included so if you make a purchase, I may receive credit as an Amazon affiliate at no additional cost to you.

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How to Encourage Children to Feel a Steady Beat

What is a steady beat?

A steady beat is a steady rhythm. A steady rhythm is the same pattern repeated every beat of music. We can feel it in our bodies when we hear songs playing. Children can feel steady beats through everyday activities and here are some ways parents can encourage children to feel a steady beat.

You can check out my blog post about short and long rhythms here.

Where can you find a steady beat?

Clocks ticking, steady heartbeat, steady footsteps, steady slaps on a hand drum, steady tapping of fingers on a table all provide a steady beat.

Let’s talk about a heart beat. It might be steady if you are resting, but will speed up when you are running or in a state of panic. A heartbeat is steady because it has the same pattern every time it beats.

This steady beat is in our bodies whenever we move. Children will often play with toys or bang things to make their own steady beat. It is important for children to learn about steady beats because it helps them become more aware of rhythm and music. It also helps develop motor coordination skills, which is an important developmental milestone for young children.

Children enjoy rattle toys, especially the ones that make noise when you shake them. They will often spend time shaking and banging these around on the floor to create their own steady beats. Another way children can feel steady beats is through pat-a-cake games or clapping along with music they hear playing in the car or at home.

Can parents encourage children to feel a steady beat?

Of course! Parents can encourage children to feel a steady beat in their body by doing any of these activities together. While doing them with a child, listen for the steady pulse within and then join in to create an even stronger steady beat.


Singing is the easiest way parents can encourage children to feel a steady beat. You can sing at home, sing in the car, sing songs with movements and clapping. There are many ways and times parents can use singing to help kids feel a steady beat.

For example, parents can use steady beats when changing their baby’s diaper. In order to clean a baby properly, you must swaddle them and then remove the cloth wiping down the area of the body. You will hear steady steady steady… as you do this with your child. While changing a diaper, parents should try singing a song like the ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and see if they can get their child to sing along. Singing steady steady steady while changing a diaper is the steady beat that children will want to copy!

This is one of many instances where parents can sing. Some other times parents can sing with children are when children wake up, get dressed, brush teeth or hair, wash hands, clean up, drive in he car, put on pajamas, etc.


Reading books with steady beats can be a great way for parents to encourage children to develop an awareness of steady beats in music. There are many children’s storybooks that focus on the steady beat by using words such as tick-tock, slap-slap or splash-splash. One book in particular that has great rhythm is Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton, which uses a steady BEAT when reading it aloud. Here is a link for a youtube reading where you can hear the reading… steady steady steady steady steady steady.

I created this video for parents to help them learn how to encourage children to feel a steady beat.

Play an Instrument!

Many fun songs have a steady beat too! Here are some that you can sing and play an instrument along to:

Old MacDonald had a Band (Raffi’s take on the traditional song)

Twinkle twinkle little star (Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell’s version which I love!)

Row Row Row (Raffi – this version is perfect for babies and toddlers!)

I’m A Little Teapot This video demonstrates whole body movements with each repetition getting faster. Kids are sure to love going faster! and faster!

Baby Shark (This version by Super Simple Songs is MY FAVORITE and the favorite of every kiddo in my early childhood music classes!)

What toys can parents use to encourage children to feel a steady beat?

There are many instruments on the market such as  tambourines, maracas, shakers and rhythm instruments. Here are some instrument sets I recommend! Steady beats can be heard when shaking them or playing with them a certain way. Other creative ideas include having children build towers. You can build with steady beats until they feel tired…then the tower comes tumbling down! In this case, it’s not the objects themselves but how we interact with them that provide steady beats.

It’s not the objects themselves
but how we interact with them
that provide steady beats.

When you encourage children to feel steady beats by doing activities together you are helping to develop early literacy skills! This type of play helps prepare pre-readers and beginning readers with building vocabulary (kids who can express what they mean with words), listening ability, attention (to listen), and following directions, all which are essential for early learning and literacy development.


Beats are steady rhythms that have a steady beat. They can be felt by moving our bodies in steady rhythmic motions or rhythmically tapping objects together. There are many toys on the market that make steady beat sounds and movements if you want them for your home or classroom. You can find steady beats in song lyrics and books too! The most important thing is to play with your child and sing steady beat songs together—and just feel a steady beat whenever possible! You’ll both enjoy the fun time spent exploring life with steady beats!

What everyday items do you use to help teach your child about steady beats? Please leave me a comment below so I can hear from you!

Note: This blog post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through the link I may make a small commission which helps support this blog, at no extra cost to you.

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