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Music Time Kids was Designed for Parents of Young Children and Here is Why

I am tired of hearing parents complain about their children. Some of the most common complaints include: My child isn’t cooperating. I constantly have power struggles over what clothes my child wants to wear. My child won’t eat the food I cook. He only wants ice cream. My child isn’t going to bed and staying there. When I hear these complaints, parents are voicing frustration. They do not know what to do to get their children to cooperate. And these parents are lacking resources that can help them be more successful. However, if parents add wonderful parenting tips to their arsenal, they eventually end up with the tools they are looking for to create more joy in the home, children who are more content, and families who enjoy spending time together.

Many resources I find on-line are full of hype, not age appropriate, or nurturing to the spirit. In finding very little content I think is joy directed, educational, and encouraging, I decided to create that resource myself.

Music Time Kids was Designed for Parents of Young Children

I know first hand how much help parents of young children need. I raised five children of my own and now my children are having babies. You can only learn bit by bit, finding answers to questions and problems each day.

I hope my readers will find the information in this blog helpful. I plan to share the stories and lessons I have learned over 27 years of parenting. There are no shortcuts on the parenting journey, but there are definitely things I wished I knew when I was younger.

I hope you find this resource helpful as I share my stories, music that I have created, favorite children’s artists, products I believe are quality and educational, and programs and classes that are valuable and educational.

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