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Piano Activity: Fidget Spinner Finger Builder

Are you working with a young piano student who has trouble keeping their fingers curved? You are not alone! This piano activity is suitable for any age beginning piano student or a student who has trouble with finger strength.

I have seen a huge change over the past 30 years in the lack of hand strength and fine motor development in young children who are starting piano lessons. I believe it is because children today are spending more time in front of screens and televisions, rather than moving their bodies and playing outside.

So teachers are always looking for fun piano activities for kids to help strengthen their hands and fingers for the technique they need to play the piano.

Fidget Spinner Piano Activity

Children and adults love playing with fidget spinners. So working with a fidget spinner isn’t like homework or a lesson assignment at all! Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will benefit from counting and identifying the number on the free printable. Older students may try to count as fast as possible to get to a number beyond (40 not on the printable)… Bravo!

You can access the free piano activity below. Be sure to watch my youtube video (also below) to see the piano activity in action! And for more fun piano activities for kids, please subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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Colorful or printer friendly printables for the Fidget Spinner Finger Builder Piano Activity will help your student count and improve finger strength at the same time!

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