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Christmas Gifts that Prepare Preschoolers for Piano Lessons

Many parents of preschoolers want their child to learn to play a musical instrument. Piano is often thought of as an approachable instrument for young children. This article will list fun, educational toys that make great Christmas Gifts that can help prepare preschoolers for piano lessons. These toys all help develop finger strength, hand strength, and fine motor skills and spark imagination and creativity– which are important in piano playing.

Preschoolers have small hands. Many children don’t have developed strength in their hands and fingers so they are not ready for piano lessons. I am amazed at how quickly a child can develop good hand strength with some of these toys – helping prepare preschoolers for piano lessons.

Links on this page may contain affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you purchase the item through my website (thank you!) at no additional cost to you.

To play the piano preschoolers have to develop fine motor skills. They can do this in many ways: playing outdoors, playing games, coloring and drawing, playing with play dough, etc.

The educational resources below all help develop the fingers and hands of preschoolers in ways that benefit the budding piano player. Best of all, children will have so much fun, they won’t even know that these activities will help them learn to play the piano.

If you discover your child is frustrated by working on fine motor skills, check out my blog post, 15 Toddler Music and Movement Songs. These songs encourage gross motor skills which include large movements like marching, hopping, twisting, clapping. Children love to play musical instruments along with these songs.

Toys That Build Fine Motor Skills

In subsequent blog posts I will be demonstrating how you can use these resources to help your child build fine motor skills and prepare for piano playing.

Sign up for my mailing list! I am offering a free game you can play with your child! “Piano Race Game” is THE game I teach every beginning piano student, and kids ask to play this game over and over. Kids select their favorite tiny little moving pieces (like legos or mini-erasers) and then take turns drawing music alphabet cards that send them racing across the piano keyboard. The moving pieces and small alphabet cards help build fine motor skills as the child draws cards and moves their piece to the next key. Best of all, they are also learning the music alphabet on the piano! Your child will love this game!

Leave me a comment if you have other fun games that your preschooler enjoys that help build fine motor skills. I’d love to add them to the list!

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