Toddler Online Music Class

Why are there on-line music classes for toddlers?

In 2020, all over the country, music classes and music lessons had to close their doors. This happened to my early childhood music classes. As soon as I cancelled my Spring music classes I had parents asking if there was a way for me to create an online toddler music class so we could still get together. It took several months of planning, recording and editing, but I finally completed my first 6 week music program for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers called “Play With Me”.

What should a toddler music class look like?

Children learn in so many different ways that incorporating many different kinds of experiences is necessary. Here are some items I strive to teach in every music class.

Basic music concepts can also be taught to kids of any age: babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  Feeling a steady beat, hearing rhythms, developing the inner ear (hearing the song in your head), instrument play, interactive games, and many other musical activities are all important in music classes.

All of the components of this kind of music program can be found in an online toddler music class.

What kind of music should kids listen to?

This is a good question. In fact, it is one of the questions that inspires me to write this blog. I am always on the search for great music for toddlers. And it is also important to me, as a parent, that kids and parents can enjoy listening to music together.. I wrote an article, 5 Things I Want Parents to Know About this Blog, that outlines why I am writing this blog. Empowering parents to use music in their daily lives, finding great quality music, and creating ways to enjoy music together are just a part of the reasons.

Classical Music

There is so much good music for parents to choose from!  One choice that is widely recommended that children listen to from birth is classical music. Classical music is very stimulating for the brain and is said to improve cognitive development.  Children especially love listening to Mozart. When my children were young I had a collection of Baby Einstein videos.  The  Mozart video was a huge favorite.  When children hear classical music,  it helps them begin their musical language and forms a foundation for when they want to learn to play instruments and take music lessons.  This music is accessible to kids of all ages and will certainly increase their ability for future music lessons.

Traditional Music

I am sure that you can remember the joy of hearing your favorite childhood songs. Memories are made in these moments, and they seem to last forever!  Classic tunes never get old, are routinely taught in preschool learning, and I include plenty of them in my music classes.  Every young child can play, explore dance and movement, and sing to classic tunes.

Here is a tiny list of music recommendations to get you going:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

London Bridges

Rain Rain Go Away

Just see for yourself how happy everyone is music making, and dancing!

Finding Great Children’s Music

There are many studies that show how music can help with cognitive development and academic performance in children as well! Preschool songs should be fun to listen too but they also need to teach kids things like counting, colors, alphabet letters, manners, etc.   One of my favorite artists who writes original tunes just for kiddos is Raffi– he has a lot of catchy melodies you’ll find even parents love singing his songs.  Most adults enjoy his work too because it isn’t cartoon-ish, baby-ish, or full of hype. His work tends to appeal universally.

Here is a link to one of my favorite Raffi album’s, Bananaphone.

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World Music

When I teach early childhood music classes I always include music from other countries. Listening to different instruments, percussion, rhythm, musical styles, and singing allows  children to hear new sounds. It sparks new ideas children can imitate when they create and make music on their own.

I have also chosen to include world music in my online toddler music class because it just makes the music program so much richer!

Why should there be so much repetition in early childhood?

toddler online music class

The toddler brain loves repetition. Begging to read the same story a hundred times in a row? Re-watching their favorite show for hours on end? Yes, toddlers love repeating things and that’s actually good news! That is how they learn new skills like reading or math!  Changing things up every now and then can be a good idea but you want to make sure that your kids are not disappointed.  Don’t forget to sing their favorite songs each week!

When I teach my music program, I always include a lot of repetition:  Singing some of the same songs each week and only changing a few things like the song for movement and dancing, or the drumming song.

People will notice in my online toddler music class that I repeat many songs. Even the songs I change out in one week, I will bring back again later. That is because every child loves different songs and kids are so disappointed when they do not sing their favorite song. In fact that is the ONE thing they are looking forward to!

Let’s look a little closer.  How do children learn the ABC’s? Repetition. And incorporating music into learning has a synergistic effect. When learning and music are combined, it makes a way for the learning to stick. It’s easier to remember.  That’s why we teach a child to sing the alphabet instead of just reciting it.  Even at the earliest age learning the alphabet (which is pretty long!) is mastered through song.

Would you like to try an online music class?

Here is a brand new music program I know your kids would love.  This program is the result of many years of lessons and all ages love to sing, dance and play with Beethoven, an adorable, pancake-loving sheep dog, Beethoven.  Beethoven is silly and loves to sing, dance, and play musical instruments.  He will encourage your child to play fast and slow, and move move move!  This 20 minute music class touches on many musical activities you would find in my “in- person” music program where the classes are 30 minutes in length. Most toddlers participate independently, yet they love the encouragement, interaction, and praises of a caring adult!  It’s important to play with your toddler!  So enjoying the class with your kids is highly recommended. 

Parents are often delighted to find that their big kids love this class as much as a younger child!  Try it out for free below and let me know if you enjoy the class.  I am interested in creating more music programs if it is something people are looking for!  At any rate, I know the ideas in this class will be helpful for parents and you can adapt all the early childhood activities you see me demonstrate for a child of any age with your own playlist.

My favorite Toddler Movement Music can be found here!

Toddlers LOVE music!  Now you can experience a free toddler online music class right in your own living room!  Get some rhythm instruments, a stuffed animal and a kitchen towel and let the fun begin@

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Kids LOVE Music! And they will love meeting Beethoven, an adorable pancake-eating sheep dog who loves to sing, dance and play in this FREE toddler online music mini-class!